July 3-9, 2023


United Center, Chicago, IL, May 10, 2005

Visit U2's website HERE to see what Bono & co. have been staying busy with!

Back in 2005, U2's "Vertigo" tour was massive! It took 2 years, 5 legs, covering 5 continents, and a total of 131 concerts in 23 countries!

On the next broadcast of Live in Concert, we'll hear one of those concerts- a legendary performance captured live at the United Center in Chicago. It was May 10, 2005.

Don't miss this legendary performance by U2- they're headlining the next Live in Concert!

This week's setlist:


We'll also hear classic live sets by:

Recorded live in Providence, RI, on 10/29/1979

Eddie Money
Recorded live in Los Angeles, CA, on 10/18/1986

Pat Benatar
Recorded live in Austin, TX, on 10/6/1981